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What to expect when listing your home for sale

Listing your property for sale was once as simple as a few steps of meeting with the local agent, popping up a ‘for sale sign in the front yard and writing a modest ad for print in the local newspaper. While the outcome itself in the current real estate market isn’t too dissimilar, the process

4 things to consider as a property investor

Employ the experts  Regulations around the property including tenancy legislation and taxation are areas that change over time. This is where qualified and experienced experts in property management and accounting can assist in making life easier during your investment journey. Employing a qualified and experienced property manager can remove the stress that can come with

4 areas to update before listing your home for sale

When it comes to selling your home, it is beneficial to assess the current condition of several areas of the property for potential maintenance or minor improvements that may be needed. Tending to this maintenance and improvements before the point of sale can save headaches down the track with potential purchasers who may wish to

Tips to save your energy budget this winter

Rising costs and tightening household budgets are front of mind as we head into the winter months and as the temperatures start to cool off, the increased use of appliances to heat our homes can contribute to the biting energy prices.  To avoid the bill shock that can sometimes arrive in time with your next

First impressions at your open home

There is an old saying about first impressions, in that you never get a second chance to make a great one. When you consider selling your home, the impression that prospective buyer has when they walk through the property could be the make or break of their decision-making process in the sale.  Presentation is key

5 Tips for moving home in winter

The winter months can sometimes be unpredictable when it comes to the weather. Rather than it dampening your moving plans, take some steps to ensure that your move is as seamless and stress-free as possible. Check the weather app Rain has the potential to cause havoc on your moving plans so being prepared for any

What costs should I consider before selling my home?

When you make the decision to sell your home or investment property, at face value it could seem like it is as straightforward as contacting an agent, listing, selling, and then moving on to your next home.  There is usually a myriad of costs that should be considered when you embark on the sales process

How will tax depreciation help with my investment property

Tax depreciation is often overlooked in investment property ownership and arranging a schedule or estimate if your property is eligible before 30 June can help you to maximise the potential tax returns. A tax depreciation schedule can be organised through a quantity surveyor who will inspect your rental property and report back on the depreciable

Managing mould in your home

Inclement weather conditions can cause havoc on the buildings that we call home and with large patches of rain and the humidity that can come with it, mould can at times follow affecting walls, ceilings, furnishings, and belongings. As the weather starts to cool and our homes become locked up for the winter months, reduced

Get a health check on your existing loan

When you check your existing loan against what else is out there, you may find worthwhile savings. Such “refinancing” works particularly well if you can add other debts into your home loan, letting you pay off a car loan or personal loan at lower home-loan rates. Make sure you don’t end up paying your debts

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